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Our model

We support you in creating value.

Thanks to an approach that combines integrative innovation and performance management, grounded in the convergence of all health stakeholders' perspectives, we create value for the patient, staff, and society.

Our expertise

A combination of strategic and business expertise supported by extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the health sector in Africa.

Areas of expertise
  • Health organisation and planning
  • Health engineering and healthcare facilities management
  • Health system performance management
  • Health innovation
  • Training, continuing education and research

Our vision

We integrate performance management and innovation at the core of health systems development strategies.

Our missions

We contribute to creating efficient and innovative health systems in Africa, accessible to as many people as possible, at an acceptable cost for the contemporary society and preserving future generations' interests.

We advocate the emergence of African leadership fully equipped to design and implement, in complete autonomy, innovative solutions that meet the African population's health needs.

Our values

At Daxho International, we are committed to equity in healthcare access, respecting human and cultural values, taking into account the 'gender and development' approach in all decision-making processes.

Our experts from various cultural and professional backgrounds make customer satisfaction the core of our commitments, with particular attention paid to managing the impact of health policies on both populations and the environment.